10 Steps to Baby Sleep Training Success for Tired Parents

No child ever sleeps through the night without waking a few times. Every child wakes several times at night as the adults do. Adults can fall back to sleep on their own where children can’t.  Putting a baby back to sleep can be tiresome for the majority of the parents. The good news is that there are baby sleep training methods from which the tired parents get benefited.

There are many ways to do it. Not every parent gets the favorable result of the training all the time. Each child is unique, and each has a different style of sleep.

But there are always ways to be successful. Here we are going to provide you 10 steps to baby sleep training.

10 Steps to Baby Sleep Training

Set it right

If your baby is just an infant, you should look for sleepy cues like staring off into space, yawning. But if your child is more than six months old, you should think about setting a sleep schedule. Remember that it does not have to be a tight one.

Notify your child that it’s time for sleep

Your baby will understand when you tell him something; even he is too young. Repeat it (Time for sleep) to your baby for six to ten months.

Indicate your baby it’s time for sleep

Start a sleep time routine. It will make your child predict sleep when you start to prepare the bed for him.

Soothe your child

Soothing will help you to make your child fall back to sleep immediately. It quickly relaxes him and makes him sleepy. Soothe him the way he responds.

Watch for sleepy, but awake

Point out when your baby is sleepy but awake. It’s considered as the most crucial part of sleep training. It takes a little time to get the perfect point. So, you must keep up your patience. At some point, you will get it right.

Put your child down to sleep

For the first year, put him down to baby sleep on his back. If you wish, you can soothe him all the way to sleep. But it would be perfect if you stop soothing while he is drowsy. He will fall asleep on his own.

Set the scene

The perfect environment is so important. Ensure that the room is perfectly cool and comfortable. Close the curtains so that lots of lights cannot enter the room.

Choose a start date

Anytime is the perfect time for baby sleep training. But you should make sure that you can keep the sleep method going for at least three weeks without any break on the schedule.

Go back to bed

After a couple of weeks, put your child back to bed. Let him sleep on his own. Say ‘Good Night’ to him. He should be able to put himself back to sleep.

Keep up consistency

Try not to make the mistake of being inconsistent. If you fail to keep the consistency, your whole effort of weeks will go in vain.

Being parents is one of the sweetest feelings in the world. And it becomes more spiritual and loving while you are seeing your sleeping baby in the bed. So, you should assure your baby’s sound sleep by following these steps.

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