Essential baby swing features to consider when buying a baby swing

Baby swings are the perfect instrument to calm your babies or to help them sleep. And for decades they have been doing so. However, in that meantime, the swings have gone through a lot of transformations. And today we find different types of baby swings with a variety of features. But not all the baby swing features are equally important.

Therefore, you have to know the essential features to consider in a baby swing unless you want to get deceived buying a swing with features that hardly makes any sense.

12 Baby Swing Features you need to have your baby’s swing:

Sturdy Frame:

Go for a swing that has a solid structure. The swing should be able to hold the baby’s weight. The stability is key to baby’s safety.

Power system:

You will find one of the three type of power system in a swing. They are battery operated, outlet powered and winding up model. Of all the three, battery operated system should be your first choice. Because they can be used anywhere, don’t require constant rewinding and most importantly quite portable.

Comfortable Seat:

An essential feature of the baby swing is the seat. You have to assess its quality to ensure your baby’s safety. For instance, make sure the seat is padded nicely to keep the little one unharmed. In addition, for added comfort, choose swings that can tilt. This way, your baby could lie down to have a good nap in a swing with a secure seat. Plus, they also provide adequate head support to the child as they lack balance in early stages.

Safety Harness:

Restraining your child with proper harness is as important as any other modern features. This is why consider swings that have at least 3 harness points. So, they are strapped properly. But the best option would be to go for a 5 point harness swing. As they not only strap babies just from the lap, they also have over the shoulder restraining.

Control Panel:

The best baby swing comes with an easy to use control panel system. Features like the speed control, the sound system is managed with the help of it. Also, you can switch the light unit on or off using the panel if you’ve got the feature in the swing.

Sound system:

Swings with sound system feature should be on top of your list. When you’re looking to buy a baby swing, your goal is to keep the baby preoccupied or to help it fall asleep. And what better way to do so than playing some soothing music.

Speed variables:

I think it is important to have speed variables in a baby swing. Swings that only have one speed gives you no option. So it can either be too fast for your baby’s liking or be too slow. A better option is obviously having multiple speed variables to choose from. This way you can try different speed settings until you get the perfect soothing tempo.

Swing path:

Usually, swings come with back to front motion or the side to side motion. Some of the swings can do both. Best bet would be to get a swing with both swinging motions. But those are expensive. So, if you can’t afford that then consider the motion type which you think would soothe your baby the most. This is like a coin flip, you either hit the jackpot or get busted.

Head Support:

Look for a swing with a removable head support system. This way you can easily provide headrest while the baby is playing, and move it when you need to get it asleep.

Washable seat covers:

Babies will make a lot of mess whether you like it or not. And it is up to you to clean the mess made by them. So, look for swings that have washable seat covers.

Toy bar:

Like the sound system, toy bar on the swing also helps to keep the baby busy. So, make sure to have this baby swing features on your baby’s swing as it will make your life much easier.

Child Tray:

This is also an essential feature that needs to be considered. If you get a swing with a child tray, you can feed the baby easily using it. Or you can put baby’s favorite toys on the tray for him to play.

For me, the above baby swing features are essential in a baby swing. However, there are some other factors that also requires consideration. But first, make sure you got all these in your baby’s swing.

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