Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller Review

Jogging strollers is one the best method of keeping your baby comfortable while you are trying to regain a pre-pregnancy body through your fitness routine. But the last you need, is a stroller that does not offer you joy on your fitness routine or one that will do more harm than good to you or your child. The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller Phantom 50 Pounds is one of the best strollers that has great features and performance that every parent even those on a tight budget will appreciate on a long day of unforeseen adventures.


  1. Large tires and Front swivel Wheel.

The Baby Trend jogger stroller features large all-terrain tires and a front swivel wheel that allows superior maneuverability. It allows a lock forward for increased speed and stability when the terrains turn tough. When pushing, pulling and turning on hard surfaces or pavements the wheel feature on baby trend expedition makes it move perfectly. It has a shorter wheelbase with narrow width than most stroller you will find out there, making it easy to turn than any other stroller. The large wheel makes it maneuver and rolls over everything pretty simple.

  1. Reclined padded seat

This baby stroller has a huge handed recline with boundless possible positions. The seats have ventilation when reclined and can be covered when the weather is not good. The release of recline is easy to use. A well-reclined position is usually good because it help reduce the impact of the shock on a baby’s body on a huge surface area either on the head back or bottom.

  1. Child and Parent trays with two tray cup holders. 

You will get a suitable parent tray with 2 cup holder and wonderful covered compartment storage on this stroller. But that not all, you will also find a child’s tray with a cup holders that accepts most car seats, and a great ergonomic rubber handle bar. The parent console can hold most Smartphone; they are pretty deep such that they can hold even larger Smartphones, car keys or your wallet.

There is also an adjustable canopy that allows you to move it as far forward as you may need with a covered mesh sunroof that can tilt blocking the sun or the wind.

  1. Easy Compact Fold

This Baby trend expedition stroller features an easy and compact fold for storage and travel. It, however, might require two hands to fold; It also offers a self-stand balance, which is actually an extra bonus on this stroller. All you need to do is slide the side levers up on both sides of the frame near the handle and start the folding process. The front wheels can be removed when folding which helps you squeeze it into a tight truck. The unfolding process should be the same but in reverse.


  1. Seat belt harness is very adjustable and easy to clip.
  2. The reclining position is good for a child to be comfortably cradled in the seat.
  3. Comfortable handles and safety straps
  4. Easy and quick to fold
  5. Plenty of clearance from the rear axle to the toe which means you won’t kick it while jogging.
  6. Durable since the frame made from it is steel.


  1. The handle bar is fixed so it would be suitable if not sharing with another person.
  2. The window on this stroller is quite small but adequate to do the job.
  3. Suitable only for children over 6 months to 50 pounds.


1. What’s up with bad review I saw elsewhere? People complaining about wheel wobbling and the difficulty in folding?

This stroller is very easy to fold and unfold, but it is definitely not a one-handed fold. Read the instruction carefully to avoid wheel wobbling.

2. Is this jogger compatible with all car seats?


3. How is it delivered? In a box or ready to use, or do we have to set it up ourselves?

Delivered in a way that is very easy to set up all you need to do is follow some simple manual instruction.


The main features of Baby Trend Exhibition Jogger Stroller Phantom are its mobility and maneuverability even in tight corners, but it has also focused on perfecting the aspects of the of the buggy. This is baby buggy that offers a smooth experience for your baby as well as you as any parent in need of high mobile and easy to pack the stroller.

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