BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Review

As a busy parent, you can’t get away with a fitness routine. Can you? But surely you cannot leave your kid alone at home while trying to stick to your routine. That’s why you need a stroller on your fitness plan. But before you go for a hunt of a perfect jogging stroller make sure you go for a quality model, not a stroller that will probably do you or your child more harm than good. After comparing different models out there, I have to admit that BOB RevolutionSE Single Stroller, Orange is one of the strollers you might definitely consider.


  • Front wheel axis for easy maneuvering

BOB Revolution stroller features a three-wheeled design fixed in a way that provide maximum stability while jogging or when a terrain gets tough, hence superior maneuverability. The front wheel can swivel and rotates fully. The rear wheels are wide and very sturdy which makes this stroller useful in varieties of surfaces. If the surfaces you are moving on turns rough then there is lock mechanism in the front wheel that allows you to lock it to a forward position hence improving stability.

  • Safety benefits due to multiple adjustments and a reclined seat

This stroller provides a safer environment for your baby. It has an adjustable canopy that protects a child from sun rain and wind. The canopy has a window that allows you to see your baby at all times.If your child falls asleep during a walk, the reclined seat that can tilt back up to 70 degrees from vertical allows him/her to have a comfortable nap. The ultra-padded seat even provides an extra benefit to your kid. There is also a cargo basket, seat back and internal pockets that give you as the parent and ample storage space for toys, snacks, and your own kinds of stuff.

  • Suspension system for a smooth ride

The adjustable suspension system in BOB Revolution Single Stroller is made of two shock absorbers purposely designed to increase comfort for your child. This system absorbs up to 7cm of travel with minimal vibration and bounce. A curious child usually finds an escape out of the stroller, that why this stroller features a 5-points padded, harness with incredible fasteners tightened by easy-to-use rings. The brakes system is on the real wheels that provide an easy braking using your foot.

  • Easy to fold frame

The frame on BOB Revolution SE stroller is made of sturdy but lightweight aluminum alloy, which makes it easy for transportation and storage. It folds away very quickly and to a compact size that makes it fit in almost all small trunks. Has quick release wheels and can also fold with the wheel attached. The fabric that comes with this stroller is durable and easy to clean. The fabric on this stroller is orange in color and stain resistant.

  • Comfortable handles and easily attachable accessory adapter

The handles on BOB Revolution stroller are well padded for a comfortable, firm grip when pushing the stroller. 40 inches from the ground to the handlebars gives a good height for most parents. This height is suitable for the right posture when jogging and when walking. The integrated accessory adapters on this stroller allow you to slide in and clip on popular baby/infant car seats. No bolt or screws required!


  • Wide reclining seats and five-point harness that increases your child safety and comfort.
  • Adjustable canopy protecting your child from the sun, wind and rain.
  • A transparent mesh made a window that allows you to see your child’s happy face.
  • Made for running i.e. Easy to maneuver and very durable.
  • There’s a huge basket underneath with plenty of room for child essentials.
  • Easy to fold and travel with. You can actually do it while holding your child.


  • Running with the seat adapter is impossible, which means you may need to wait until your child is 6 months old.
  • Its quality makes it a little bit expensive.
  • The /baby/infant car seat adapter has to be bought separately.


1. Is it designed to pull behind a bike?

This model is not designed to pull behind a bike.

2. Since the handlebar is not adjustable, will I not find it difficult to run with it?

Fixed handlebar makes it easier and safer for you to use when running. This is actually the best model if you are planning to run or jog with it.

3. What is the allowed maximum weight on this stroller?

70 lbs.


Given the abundant features and satisfaction, many people are giving BOB Revolution-SE, Single Stroller, Orange, It is with no doubt that it is a great all around stroller especially for someone who wants to jog or run. As a mother, you want to buy something that is worth your money, not a cheap product that jeopardizes your wonderful child safety as well as yours. This stroller features everything you need to ensure a happy and safe run around with your child.

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