Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Review

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is one of the most popular car seat stroller. Last few years this new model has become a role model in the technology, because of it’s a one characteristics and design Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is more common to the parents. Chicco is always successful in creating travel gear that parents, it is definitely changes quite a bit. It is designed for everyday use on the flat space. You will fall in love with its deep roomy soft seat which is very comfortable certainly.

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Stroller Features

The chicco bravo trio travel system stroller is very a one because of its various features. Every feature is modern and sophisticated which is suitable and befit with the time. So features are explained below:


The canopy is three-paneled and obviously very good. An additional sunvisor coverage is also attatched with it. That is very necessary and has increased its beauty. Comparing with other strollers this one is really definite. During closing time canopy makes a loud sound.

Parent organizer

Parent organizer is very necessary thing. It can make you easy to work other side. It is used as the cup holder and other things and the middle one is use as phone setter or key holder. With these advantages parents can store different small things.

Roomy seat

The seat is as like as a room and it is 13” wide with 19” seat back and a measurement of 24” from the back side of the seat to the top of the canopy. This stroller can accommodate of a 6 months and 50 lbs child. Your toddler should fit with no problem. The stroller has three position with one hand lever recline.


Handle bar is adjustable and it rotates up to 38” to 42”. A nice foam covering is also adjusted with this. It is suitable for both taller and shorter parents.

Large basket

Your large disappear and other things make you fit from extra burden and carrying problem. It is large in size and very easy to use.

Wheel suspension

The stroller is always very nice to see all-wheel suspension. All body can stand on these wheels normally. It also looks very nice.


The measurement of the wheels are 9”:7”. It rolls on these wheels and can rotate all sides comfortably. Front wheels are swivel and it can be locked straight rougher terrain. Flat surfaces are suitable for these wheels. Pavement and other rough surfaces are not suitable for this stroller. In this case wheels do not last long. For the better performance you need a sustainable rubbery or foamy filled or air filled wheels.

Soft compact folding

Chicco bravo trio travel system stroller maintains a compact folding while other system is bulky. It has capability of half percent folding. 16″L x 22″H x 28″W dimension system is adjusted with it.

5-point harness

The stroller has an adjustable 5-point harness with center release buckle. The shoulder traps are adjusted with the waist straps. As a result, you don’t need a puzzle piece every time when you buckle your child.

Travel system

In modern time Chicco bravo trio travel system stroller is one of best car seat in the market. My child had KeyFit 32 and we completely loved it. Putting the car seat on top of the main seat you can travel. Easier putting things in and out of the basket except seat getting in the way.


This stroller contains with modern and sophisticated design in the market. Other stroller looks like glittering but this one is not an artificial one. I surely suggest you that it would be a friendly and helpful instrument helping in your easy and critical moment. Bravo is a subtle gray and black pattern which is more beautiful from the panel of design.


  • Travelling system.
  • Suitable for all kind of parents.
  • Minimum five minutes’ assembly time.
  • Large and roomy basket.
  • Folding system canopy.
  • Safe environment for the baby.
  • Fair weight and simple to steer.


  • No snack tray or cup holders provided for toddlers.
  • Bright short and no flap over the mesh.

Why You Will Love This Travel System stroller:

The stroller has already become very popular because of its normal and moderate use. As the seat is lighter, you can remove the seat and pad. The frame of the stroller is sturdy but lightweight.

A little space is sufficient for the accommodation in your trunk. No need to think about the height of the handle as it is easy to adjust. A few seconds is sufficient to adjust. With this stroller your personality becomes prestigious as it is a modern one with the age in recent time.

During your busy time it is much needed to take care your baby and need to keep safe. In this regard chicco bravo trio travel system stroller makes you ensure of taking care of your baby safely. Its innovative tri-modal stroller platform exclusively outstanding performance which is really supportable to you and your baby.

Customer Review

I would encourage you to buy this stroller with your toddlers or new parents with infants. It is sleek design and visually competitive with other strollers in the market. One hand folding system is much attractive as well as has bonus for any sleep deprived mom or dad. Wheel system bears heavy benefit and advantages for the replacement from one place to another. In all details, this stroller has great intention because of its well and overlooking design.


Now a day’s people always search for the betterment comfortable for the baby so that they can get much safety, protection and overall nourishment from all kind of dis comfortable. From this side Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is a lighter and dependable one. You will not be disappointed and harassed if you buy one. Its normal and supportive system will be favorable to you. So keep it in your home, enjoy your family life, share your ideas with your toddler and have a nice moment in your daily life.

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