ChiccoKeyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base Review

If you are looking for the best infant car seats for your little tot, then you should definitely check out ChiccoKeyfit 30 infant car seat. This is the premier infant carrier is your looking for both safety and comfort. That is why it is no wonder that it has been given the number one position. Not only does it guarantee safety, but also ease with which it can be set up.

The ChiccoKeyfit 30 has been symbolized as the premier infant carrier that ensures comfort, safety, and convenience. This is a perfect baby car seat for babies weighing up to thirty pounds. Along with a safe five-point safety harness, this car premium quality car seat also has a energy-absorbing foam that provides maximized safety and comfort to your baby.


Recline Sure Spring-Loaded Leveling Foot – Push-button adjustment mechanism helps to achieve proper base angle in the vehicle seat. This ensures that your little beloved will be seated very comfortbaly in this car seat base. In addition, no extra hassle will also have to borne on the part of the parents. The instruction manual makes it a breeze to set up the car seat and base


This car seat plus base comes with a 2 easy-to-See bubble level indicator. This extra feature helps the base to have accurate base angle that provides sitting comfort for your baby. Unlike other solid base car seats, you will have a premium baby car seat that automatically adjusts the base according to your baby’s sitting conditions. This automatic bubble base is named Ride Right function that is unique only to ChiccoKeyfit 30. In this way, you will know the exact way in which to position your child. This is because if you are child is not properly positioned in the car seat, then the chances of injury tend to increase during accidents.


The Force multiplying technology used in ChiccoKeyfit 30 (AKA SuperCinch One-pull Latch tightened) technology helps to achieve a tight and secure fit with only a fraction of the effort. This helps in reducing your worry regarding the safety of your child.


  • Secures baby weighing from 4 to 30 pounds
  • Foam which is energy absorbing for improved side-impact protection
  • Easily detachable buckle insertion feature for smaller babies
  • Comfortable
  • Five point harness system to ensure maximum comfort
  • Built in bubble, and spring based levels for extra comfort
  • “Center-pull” adjustment for easy installation


  • A great car seat for premature infants
  • Incredibly safe
  • Five point harness system for increased comfort
  • Comes with all the required paperwork
  • Very easy to put in the car
  • Not too heavy to carry
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • The easiest infant car to install
  • Full body inserts for newborn babies
  • Five point harness adjusts with one hand

Not-so-good side

On the downside, the cushions do not breathe. This might result in your baby sweating profusely. This is especially true for all those long journeys. The canopy is small so that it does not help in covering both the face and the top of the head at the same time. The handlebar also does not facilitate being carried with only one arm. Despite all these minor drawbacks, it has been rated the number one infant car seat in America.

Most of the ChiccoKeyfit 30 infant car seat reviewshave been generally favorable, proving why this car seat is so loved among-st the parents. By using the seat belt on the base, it has been found to be equally safe. Many of the parents make the mistake of using the LATCH in the center seat. This can prove to be quite fatal when met with car accidents. This is because they are borrowing from the side seats without even having any knowledge about it. If there is a crash, the LATCH has been designed in a manner to have the two attachments protect the baby from both the sides. However, this would not be possible if the LATCH is being used in the center seat.


  • Item weight of 21 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 17 x 24 x 22 inches
  • Made in China
  • Minimum weight recommendation of 4 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation of 30 pounds
  • No batteries required

Final verdict

All in all, the baby car seat reviews find this to be one of the best car seats for small infants. In a lot of cases, people tend to own small cars. Or they have babies who have been born prematurely. In those scenarios, it is not always possible to find a car seat which will accommodate both the baby as well as fit inside the car. But thanks to the ChiccoKeyfit 30 infant car seat, this problem no longer persists. This is because it is a compact and convenient baby car seat. It has also been recommended by many neonatal intensive care unit nurses. I addition, its small proportions make it a great accessory for two-door cars.

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