What is the difference between baby swing Vs baby bouncer?

The parents those have newborn infant babies do not always have the time and patience to soothe their babies in their own arms. In this case, baby swings and baby bouncers are the best options for them. These baby equipment work as a helping hand and they provide a safe place for your babies to play.

Baby swings and baby bouncers seem quite similar. Many parents get confused whether to choose a baby swing or a baby bouncer. There are some major differences between a swing and a bouncer.

However, if you know the differences, it will be easier for you to make a perfect choice. Below show the difference between baby swing Vs baby bouncer.

Baby Swing Vs Baby Bouncer:

  • Size :
One of the most important factors to consider before buying a swing or a bouncer is how much space you have in your house. Bouncers are smaller in size than swings. But there are some baby swings that come with the features of folding and storing facilities. You can buy one of these swings if you think it will fit your space.
  • Portability :
Normally, the standard baby swings do not have the folding and storing features, and they occupy a larger space, and they are difficult to move. A bouncer is small in size, lightweight, easy to store, portable, and very efficient for you if you travel a lot. You can carry it with you when are going on a far trip also.
  • Cost :
Baby swings normally cost more than bouncers. But it will depend on the brand and the features of a bouncer. You can buy a normal bouncer at twenty dollars, where a well known high brand bouncer can cost you hundred dollars. Typically, baby swings range in between forty dollars to a couple of hundreds depending on features.
  • Power :
Baby bouncers generally do not need any power. It can work with the help of another person or the movement of the baby. Baby swings are run by electricity, battery or winding mechanism.
  • Motion :
Baby swing vs baby bouncer differ in the motion. Swings come with the ability to move back and forth or side to side; some swings can do both. Bouncers have only the bouncing motion. Now, which one should you choose? Well, it depends on your baby’s preference. Some baby like only bouncing and some like the others. Choose the appropriate gear based on your baby’s need.
  • Weight Limits :
Bouncer and swings are quite similar in weights. Both are built for the young children. They are not for the larger kids. Both have the similar capacity to put up babies up to twenty to thirty pounds. It is important to consider the weight limits for safety reason. Since both kinds are similar in this case, you should consider how much you are willing to spend. If you intend to have more than two children, a high-end swing will be worth spending the money on it.



As a parent, you may hear contradictory things while deciding to buy a baby swing vs a baby bouncer which will give you a hard time. However, knowing the differences will make it easier for you to avoid making a lousy choice.

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