Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat Reviews

Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing Review – Every baby gets irritated now or then for reasons no will probably know, and as a parent you have to cradle him or her in your arms soothe and at times entertain him until he cools down. This is something you can never run away from.

I know you are probably doing that right now, do you need a swap? Well, a quality baby swing may be your only helper.

The point here is a quality baby swing. There are tons of good swings out there from different manufacturers, but Fisher-price is among the few trusted manufacturers of swing and many other baby products that have received major credits in term of quality.

Among their best selling baby swing is the Fisher-Price Deluxe take Along swing specifically because it’s less expensive when compared to the product of its kind, and decidedly robust in features.


Whom is the product designed for?

If your little angel weight 25 pounds and below, or until he or she is big and strong enough to climb out, then Fisher-Price deluxe take Along swing is your ideal choice.


Features of the Fisher-Price Deluxe take Along swing

  • Smart Swing Technology: 
One among the unique feature on Fisher-Price Deluxe take Along swing is smart Swing technology. This technology ensures that your little one has a stable swing right from birth until he decides, ‘enough is enough; I need to sit by myself’. Without this technology, the swings would become buggy and eventually useless for your Kid.
  • Comfortable seat: 
The seat integrated into this unit plays a very crucial role in the growth of your kid. Many models of its price range come with a swing the only function, but this one comes with both. You can recline it to a stationary position if your baby is old enough to start to sit on her own. The seats are padded which provides support and the cushioning needed for a newborn. There is also a plush insert included for comfort as your baby rests.
  • Melodies included: 
Your child definitely needs to be entertained and this baby swing ensures he or she is all day long. It comes with soothing nature sounds and ten melodies along with dangling toys to complement the swing; a cute owl and a friendly fox.
  • Five-point harness: 
Fisher-Price Deluxe take Along swing features a 5 point adjustable harness which provides safety and upper-torso support to your child. There is also a non-skid foot which is very soft. This 5 point harness feature is very important especially when the baby is swinging, and the good thing is that the straps are well padded to avoid injuries.
  • Soothing 6-speed swing: 
The unit offers distinct swinging speed, which means you can find a speed that suits your baby or his or her mood. It actually senses the mood of the child and his weight, which means if the child grows there, is nothing to worry.
  • Power and performance: 
Fisher-Price Deluxe take along is battery operated, which may be a concern for some parent out there. However, the battery does last longer, and you won’t even notice that it’s not connected. This feature also allows it to be pretty movable, you don’t have to be in the house to use it, you can take it anywhere, at the gym, or in your backyard.


Advantage of the Fisher-Price Deluxe take Along swing

  • Folds: 
The main advantage of this unit is that it folds flat, when not in use. This means you can take it with you anywhere and also gives you an advantage over space.
  • Sturdy and very lightweight: 
This baby swing is compact in design but still lightweight; it literally weighs 9 pounds. Its sturdy body translates to years of usage, or until your child grows old enough to sit on herself.
  • It’s machine washable: 
The seat on this baby swing can be removed and washed with a machine, thanks to the material used on the seat. This does not only ensure that your child is in a clean resting environment but also makes the unit effortless to maintain and keep its appearance for years.
  • Handles: 
Unlike other models of its kind, Fisher-Price Deluxe take along features an overhead handle, which makes it easy to use even when walking in a park or when you are about to travel.
  • Safety of the child is guaranteed: 
Apart from the 5 point harness, this baby swing features a skid resistant feet which guarantee that safety of your child whenever in motion.


Disadvantage of the Fisher-Price Deluxe take Along swing

  • It’s battery powered: 
The major drawback on this unit is that its battery powered and with intense use, the battery can only last for few days, but for the price, it’s far much better than other models.


Customer Reviews:

Fisher-Price Deluxe take along is among the very few baby swing products with positive reviews. Its major selling point seems to be its price and the fact that it has two useful functions in the same unit.

Many of the customers who have reviewed it have expressed dissatisfaction with the power issue, but again, this has its set of advantages including reduced vibration and medium music sound.


Q. The canopy, is it removable?

Ans: Unfortunately no, it’s what houses the electronic parts, but there is lots of space to get baby in and out.

Q. Is the seat replaceable?

Ans: The seat is removable and easy to maintain, so even though it might be replaceable from the manufacturer, there are few chances that you will need to replace them.

Final Verdict

Just like any product, this one has its set of drawbacks, but so far its one of the best product that offers any mom and Dad out there the flexibility and the convenience of a baby swing. Above all, the unit ensures that your child is entertained and happy at all times thanks to different melodies includes along with two beautiful toys.


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