Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Cradle n Swing Reviews

The cradle my little lamb cradle n swing is one of the most effective cradles that your baby likes. Since it is rich in the feature that’s why people like this cradle most. The cradle offers side to side and head to swing direction with six different speed controlling system.

It also has three seat positions for a more comfortable stay. Moreover, 8 music provides for the babies entertainment. A soft bed with plush head support brings comfort to the baby.

On the top of the baby’s seat, a set of mobile is kept for the baby’s enjoyment. Bed cover used in the little lamb cradle n swing is removable and machine washable any time when the user wishes.

The cradle is foldable so you can carry it anywhere you wish. In addition the design and color are eye-catching.

Features of My Little Lamb Cradle n Swing:

  • Two directional motions, one is side by side and another one is head to toe.
  • Six individual swing speeds for your babies’ comfort.
  • The cradle n swing has 8 songs for enjoyment. Furthermore, my little lamb cradle n Swing has the mobile mirror too.
  • This cradle provides a large mirror at the top of the head and it’s quite motorized. While the mobile and the mirror glob moves the baby get happier.
  • As this cradle is the folding system, so you can fold it and carry it on anywhere else.
  • Excellent quality 4D battery with AC adapter facilities.
  • Cradle n Swing is quite wide and firm base, as well as the seat, is very cozy.


Amazing qualities of My Little Lamb Cradle n Swing:

  • Variable Motion and Position: 
Since the entire swing system is electrically controllable, so you can adjust the required speed from the control panel. The cradle n swing works side to side as well as front to back way. There are 6 steps speed variation option, and three seat position which you can control from switching easily to reach a button.
  • Entertaining Mobile and Globe:
This cradle has 8 fantastic songs and these songs are fully controllable from a volume panel. Motorized toys delight the baby which is soft, plush and safe floated around the head. For getting visual stimulation as well as developing the self-sense of the baby, it has a globe mirror.
  • Soft Fabrics for comforts of baby:
The fabrics used for the seat cover and head support is velvety rich fabrics so that the baby can fell relax and cozy. In addition, the safety system of this my little lamb cradle n Swing is dependable without feeling the tension. The soft plush fabric specially designs for the baby’s sensitive skin. A nice canopy attaches to this cradle n swing provides extra look.
  • Sturdy Base with Harness for Safety:
The entire structure is so strong that it can tolerate a little bit heavier babies and last longer than other swing cradles in the market. Furthermore, it will not damage physically during using this cradle; so this is quite safe for your baby. After testing in the company, then they come to the market, so you can trust on its safety. The seat belt and resistant pad add extra security for your baby.
  • Folding System for Easy Storage:
This my little lamb cradle n Swing is completely foldable and that’s why you can bear it anywhere else you want. It’s also easier to store. Whenever you wish you can fold it unfold it anywhere anytime. The cradle n swing has four D batteries which are not permanently fixed with it, therefore it would be easier to carry on this cradle in your room.


  • This cradle n swing is funny for your baby as well as enjoyable too.
  • Its seat is quite comfortable to say in it and has a dreamy environment.
  • The structure of this cradle is firmly strong, so it will serve you the longest time in comparing with other cradles.
  • Anyone can easily install this cradle without any hazard and as this is foldable so you can bear it on the remote
  • places too. Even while outside tour or trips, you can take this with you.
  • Playing and soothing songs are effective during playtime and sleeping time.

  • It is a little bit noisy.
  • It’s also a bit heavier.


Customer Question and Answer

Q: Can I use this My Little Lamb Cradle n Swing at an outdoor facility?
A: yes, of course, you can. It’s included 4 D batteries for power supply.

Q: Is it safe for baby? How much is its maximum limit?
A: Obviously this is safe for your loving baby. Its maximum weight limit is 25 pounds.

Q: Is there any vibrating system of this cradle n swing?
A: No, it’s not present.

Q: Is it stable and what’s about its warranty?
A: It is definitely stable and you fully can depend on it. In a question of warranty, you should know that it has limited warranty.


Customer’s Reviews on My Little Lamb Cradle n Swing:

This review is the overall report on different customers comment on different reviews site.

From analyzing these reviews comments it is seen that customer and the user who uses this Cradle n Swing are greatly happy,  and they already referred lots of other for buying this lucrative My Little Lamb Cradle n Swing.

As the happy clients are all over the world, so what are you thinking more? Though few customers found few negativity of this products but still this cradle n swing is perfectly dealing its market.



All the cradles of Fisher-Price are perfect and children favorable. Among them, this My Little Lamb Cradle Swing is one of the best productions of this company.

The key features like swing system, seat facilities, music and fantastic dreamy environment keep the baby cozy. The security and safety are also noticeable.

Its non-skid feet, safety belt, and deep soft comfortable bed are excellent features that a customer inclined to purchase it. Obviously, your loving baby will like this.


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