Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing and Seat Reviews

The baby swing is a common phenomenon in our family and society. Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing is an ideal baby swing on which you can fully depend on without worrying much.

It has a five-speed operating facility and there are two types of sound or music added for playing and sleeping the baby. The seat of this space saver baby swing is cozy where your baby will feel better to stay on.

The most important feature of this baby is its size, you need a very few space to install this swing. As this is light so you can carry on everywhere you want and use it.

The mobile toys used in this swing are removable you can remove it anytime as you wish. It has non-skid feet so that the user can use this space saver swing anywhere under any environment, especially in the damp places.

Amazing features of Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing:

  • Five swing speeds which you can use from a control panel and electrically operated.
  • It provides vibration facilities for calming the baby.
  • The seat of this space saver swing is 5 points harness and deep enough which provides comfort to the baby.
  • Its compact design includes non-skid feet.
  • Machine washable removable seat pad so easily cleanable anytime.
  • Attractive toys for baby’s amusement.
  • A good quality battery for using outside space where the electricity is not available
  • Two types of music sound added for two different purposes sleeping and playing.
  • Color and design of Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing are fantastic and acceptable to the entire customer.

Why is this space saver baby swing perfect?

  • Dual Seat Position System for Saving Space: 
This is one of the most amazing features of this baby swing that you can save your space by using this baby swing. This Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing’s seat is designed in such a way that you can remove the upper portion or intact. So, it will save space at your home.
  • Variable Swing Speed: 
The swing mode of this extraordinary baby swing is electrically operated. It has five soothing speed swing mode by which you can alter any mode of speed for operating this baby swing cradle. As a result, you can fix the desired speed which will fit for your baby. For operating the speed mode it has provided an operating panel.
  • Machine Cleanable Luxurious Colorful Seat Pad: 
The seat pad of this Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing is so soft that the baby feels relax while they are in. it is 5 point harness and easily removable for cleaning it in the machine. In a word, the seat is the perfect match for its practical purpose.
  • High-Quality Battery: 
This space saver baby swing has excellent quality battery system so that it can be operated able in any circumstance where the electricity is absent. This battery will backup a standard length of time to its user. This baby swing attached 4C and 1D battery for its backup functional uses.
  • Entertaining Instrument: 
This swing has two types of excellent quality music facilities, one is for babies sleeping and another one is for playing and entertaining him/her. In edition, this swing has few attracting toys hanging up above the baby seat.
  • Stable Structure: 
This Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing is made with strong core metal, so it is definitely will last longer and can tolerate rough uses. It has nonskid feet to avoid unexpected danger. However, safe use can last it longer time.


Customer Questions with Answers about Space Saver Swing:

Q: What’s about the weight? How much weight is its limitation?

A: This swing can tolerate 8-9 Ib. heavier weight might damage the swing physically.

Q: What is the battery quality?

A: the battery quality used in Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing is excellent, it provides enough backup operation.

Q: How much space does it require?

A: This swing is named as Fisher Price space saver, so definitely it requires a few space of your floor.

Q: How old baby can use this swing?

A: Bellow 2.5 years old baby can use this perfectly but exceeding this age baby might get out of order. 

Q: Is it available in the market? How can I have this product?

A: This is quite available in the local market. If you are an international buyer, you may have it on Amazon by clicking here.


Caution: Though this swing is made faultlessly and provided high-quality features for perfect users, in spite of that it is not out of weakness. Rough use or heavier baby might cause damage the structure. So, the only thing you have to keep in your mind that you should not exceed the weight limit.

Customer’s Review

The one who uses this Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing reported positively about this product and refers lots of people to purchase this swing. They state that they could not find any weakness during using this product.

In addition, they highlighted few features of this swing like music, toys, color, and design reasonable price etc.

It’s variable speed facilities attracts the user and melody music of this Space Saver Swing favorable to sleep the baby. Even then, few of them gave negative feedback on few minor subject of this swing.



The facilities present in this space baby swing are very essential for a user. In some cases space becomes a question to install a swing cradle, Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing is very much suitable in that situation.

After all, this is a unique production of Fisher-Price. Though the price is a little bit high but when you will compare its features and facilities, you will see that it is quite reasonable.

A quality product always demands the best price. Five swing speed maintain a system, the cozy seat, excellent musical instruments, smart battery backup power all these things make this Space Saver Baby Swing more perfect.

In a word, this is going to be a baby caring swing at your home.


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