Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer Reviews

sBeing a mother is amazing, but what people don’t tell you is, it’s not easy. Tell me, when was the last time you saw a commercial on TV showing a mom stressed by her newborn kid, Never. It’s an amazing experience, but no one will give you a hand when it comes to soothing and entertaining your little one, and when they do, they do it for just a few minutes and they are gone.

By the end of the day, you have to take care of your baby, soothe him or her, entertain her and do tons of other stuff all day long. The good news is, with few dollars, you can get a helping hand. I am talking about one of the best Graco swing bouncers on the market today; Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer.

Whom is the product designed for?

Any Mom and Dad out there who are looking for the best way to soothe and entertain their little one will find this product worth every penny they spend on it.

It offers you a chance to move around the house as you keep an eye on your baby, and the good thing is, your child will be entertained and soothed all day long, thanks to the amazing features of the products.

Features of the DuetConnect LX Graco Swing Bouncer

  • Swinger and Bouncer: 
Unlike other products, this unit does more than one thing. It’s a swing and a bouncer, which typically means you have two ways to soothe your baby. Graco swing and bouncer feature a swing chair with a seat that doubles the chair giving you the flexibility of moving around the house, as you keep your baby entertained and cozy.
  • Built-in vibration: 
Graco swing and bouncer feature a gentle built-in vibration to soothe and relax your child. There is two vibration setting, meant to help you pick the tempo that is suited to your child mood. The vibration feature simulates the motion of a soothing ride.
  • Roomy seats: 
Graco swing bouncer features a roomy seat, with soft fabric and a good head support to keep your baby comfortable at all times. The seat can be adjusted in different reclining position, which means if you have a child learning how to seat, you can set the seat in an upright position. If he or she is a newborn, you will recline it the position just right for them.
  • Musical features: 
This is not just a boring baby bouncer; it comes with 10 beautiful melodies and five natures sound to help your child discover new things. It also comes with different overhead toys, so your child also has a chance to improve eye-hand coordination.
  • Safety: 
Unlike other baby swings, Graco swing bouncer offers you with an ultimate sense of security. It features a 5-point Harness to prevent your baby from slipping during swings. As an additional benefit, the harness straps are covered to protect your baby’s soft skin from harsh edges.
  • Speed and performance: 
Graco swing bouncer feature six swing speeds, so your little one will love relaxing in this cozy swing chair. You can select the right speed and the right pace for her and the right music to complement the same.
  •  Plug or Battery: 
Graco swing and bouncer lets you decide how you would like to power it up. You can use the wall outlet, but when out of power, you only need four D-cell batteries to help swing the unit and another D-cell battery to vibrate it, either way, your baby will be entertained all day long.



  • Easy to assemble: 
You can literally assemble the unit just by using your logic reasoning, however, there is a guide to help you out whenever you are stuck.
  • Safe and comfortable: 
Graco swing bouncer is safe for your child thanks to the 5-point harness and comfortable reclined seats.
  • Lightweight and sturdy: 
The unit is just 29” L, 34” W, 43” H. it’s made of strong metal weighing only 25 pounds, which is incredibly light. Despite its weight, it swings up to 30 pounds.



There are no much complaints about this unit, however, few customers have complained about the unit is too big. Other would have preferred it to be a more than side to side swing but apparently, the swing is nice overall.


Customer Reviews:

Graco swing and bouncer has received thousands of positive reviews online, especially on Amazon. Those who have used it, have expressed satisfaction especially due to swing and bounce feature and easy to control music and gentle sounds.

Some, however, were not impressed by assembly while others complained that it makes loud clicking noises when swinging. There is an assembly guide attached, which makes assembly easier. Some customers have found it useful when you compliment a particular sound with a particular speed.


Q. Does the unit swing side to side?

Answer: Yes, Graco swing bouncer only swings side to side, which is a very nice swing.

Q. Can you fold it?

Answer: Unfortunately no, it’s not designed in a way that allows a fold. This is particularly due to safety of your child. The led however easily comes off easily and go back on easily.

Q. Any plug adapter included?

Answer: Yes, the unit comes with an adapter, but the battery is not included.

Final Verdict

Graco swing bouncer is a perfect solution for any parent in need of helping hand, but honestly, any parent would appreciate any help that comes along. The unit allows your little one to have a safe place to play as he or she relaxes listening to beautiful music and other gentle soothing features on the product.

You will be glad to look your little one smiling all day whether in the house or when in your backyard. You won’t have to break the bank; the unit is one among many bouncers that are reasonably affordable.

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