Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat Review

After going through a ton of baby car seat reviews, I came across the most desirable car seat among-st the parents. This coveted car seat is the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 car seat.

The Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 car seat is one of the safest car seats in its product line. Since their debut, they’ve been highly popular car seats for preschoolers through grade-schoolers because of their versatility.

The Graco Nautilus Car Seat is a 3 in 1 multi-mode car seat for children weighing from 20 pounds to 100 pounds. This is the last baby car seat you will need to buy for your child. This is because firstly, it features an easy to install system with a lock off buckle for easy secure installation. Secondly, it works as a high back booster for children weighing 30 pounds to 100 pounds. Finally, it works as a backless booster for children weighing 40 pounds to 100 pounds.

The simple, easy to tighten and loose Latch system enables parents to secure their baby with ease. Using just one hand, you can easily tighten and loosen the harness of Graconautillus 3 in 1 car seat. The Nautilus can also convert from forward-facing with a harness to forward-facing with a belt positioning providing maximum comfort for a growing baby. This is a car seat which is meant to remain as a companion through all the stages of your child’s development.

To unbuckle the harness

One of the best thing about Graco Nautilus 3 is it is really handy to use. You can lose the harness whenever you want by following just 3 simple steps. First, lift the lever and pull the shoulder harness straps and tilt the top of the buckle toward the child’s abdomen. Then press in at the top of the red button to unbuckle the harness. That’s it. How handy is that?

Harness buckle cleaning process

Keeping usability in mind, product development team at Graco has kept the harness buckle system really handy. To remove the buckle, all you have to do is turn the restrain over and push the retainer through the harness strap. To clean the buckler, just place it on a bucket of warm water and agitate the surface. To clean it thoroughly, press the red button repeatedly and rinse it while fully submerging the water in the bucket. When you are done with the cleaning process, air dry it for 10 minutes.


  • A 3-in-1 comfortable baby car seat with maximum safety features
  • Five point harness feature providing extended safety and comfort babies weighing up to 65 pounds
  • Converts to high back belt positioning booster
  • Steel reinforced frame for increased durability
  • Pad which is machine washable
  • The high back belt positioning booster can also be converted to a bottom positioning booster


  • Item weight of 15.5 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 22 x 20 x 29 inches
  • Made in USA
  • Minimum weight recommendation of 20 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation of 100 pounds
  • Minimum height recommendation of 27 inches
  • Maximum height recommendation of 57 inches
  • Seat without base: 19.5 pounds
  • Seat base/foot width: 20 inches
  • Forward facing orientation
  • Forward facing minimum child weight of 20 pounds
  • Forward facing maximum child weight of 100 pounds
  • Harness type: Five point


  • Easy to install with a seat belt
  • Easy to install with LATCH
  • Easy to loosen and tighten the harness
  • Easy to secure the child in it
  • Car seat cover is machine washable
  • Ensures highest level of safety with five point harness system

By going through all the reviews, I have found a not so good side about Graco Nautilus 3.Once it is out of the box, a little bit of assembly is required. But with the clear and detailed instructions on the instruction manual make the task seem very easy. In addition, the harness height has to be re-threaded which is quite a difficult task to do. Also, the car seat cover is a bit tough to uncover. This can pose to be a hassle for when the cleaning time comes around.

Final Verdict

By going through all the reviews and all the ratings I have found on amazon, parenting forums, and blogs- Graco Nautilus seems to be a really good investment for your baby. For the price being charged, a very good amount of service is being provided. The baby car seat is easy to install and also works well in every car type. The fact that this car seat is so versatile makes it one of the most loved baby car seats. It also provides a better fabric than the other car seats. This makes it quite comfortable for the baby to sit without sweating through the whole way. All in all, a truly great offering from Graco which relieves a great amount of burden from the parents’ backs.

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