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Having Children – One of the most desirable gifts of our life. People become very excited about receiving the good news from doctors. A lot of preparations and initiatives – from better food for the pregnant mother to shopping for the to-be-born child, becomes a regular task of the parents. One thing that is important for shopping is a sway swing that would be needed for the comfort of your baby and your convenience. You can do your work while keeping your baby doing his/her own work for longer period of time without the need for your attention. Graco Simple Sway swing would be the ultimate choice for you to keep your baby occupied.

The Features of the Graco simple sway swing

  • Six varying swing speeds:
Graco Simple Sway Swing will provide the option for cradling your baby. Sideways swinging option at six different speeds would be able to calm your child and provide soothing comfort in a way as if the baby is in your lap.
  • Vibration at two different speeds:
Graco Simple Sway Swing comes with the vibrating option at two different speeds which would ensure extra relaxation for the baby. The option can be turned on or off as and when needed.
  • Five-point Harness:
While you put your kid in the swing to comfort your baby, you should not make a compromise concerning the safety of your kid. Graco Simple Sway Swing has a five-point harness that would give you peace of mind that your kid remains in position safely in the moving swing. Though there is no risk with a three-point harness, a five-point harness would be an added measure of safety.
  • Restful seat:
Graco Simple Sway Swing would provide relaxing comfort for your baby. Incorporated with a deep seat plush padding, the cushion would ensure soothing comfort for your baby. Additionally, an extra removable head support is provided so as to plus some extra comfort for your little one. The seat is also very spacious which means that your child will be able to fit in even when growing up.
  • Amusement:
Babies are likely to get bored if kept in a swing for a long time without any delighting system. At that moment, simple charming music could be of great help. Graco Simple Sway Swing provides you the option of choosing from ten different songs and five natural tunes that would cheer up your kid. Engaging mobile with three soft toys would provide visual stimulation and keep your little one entertained.



  • Efficient design:
If you are worried about the space it would occupy than that is not a problem since Graco Simple Sway swing is designed in such a way that it would take a very small space of your room. This would keep you hassle-free from shifting your room things all around and making extra space for the swing.
  • Two-way power option:
It might happen that batteries go out-of-charge during operation at the midnight which would be really a tough situation to handle since replacing the batteries needs time as well as you need to keep stocks of batteries. Besides batteries, the swing can also be operated using the power supply from the mains which would keep you worry-free of going out of batteries as well as save battery cost.
  • Light-weighted and mobile:
Leaving your child out of your site for a long time can prove to be a dangerous factor. Graco Simple Sway Swing allows you to get rid of that factor as you can carry the swing around the house or to the lawn along with you since it is mobile and very light-weighted.
  • Low-noise operation:
If the swing you buy creates loud noise during operation then it would rather disturb your kid instead of calming him/her. Graco Simple Sway Swing operates at a very low noise that can hardly be heard so you can have a peace of mind concerning your baby’s sound sleep.
  • Cleaning:
It is usual for things to get dirty by time. Everyone would want their child to be provided with clean toys and beddings. Graco Simple Sway Swing has the cleaning option open for you. The whole seat can be removed and washed while the metal frame can be easily wiped for cleaning.
  • Higher weight limit:
Most of the time, parents need to buy a new swing when their baby grows up due to its low weight capacity. Graco Simple Sway Swing would be an ideal economic and long-lasting choice for you since as it has a weight limit of 30lbs.



  • Noisy operation:
Though a very rare objection, few customers said that the swing makes loud noise while in operation.
  • Small belt size:
Some people told that the belt size is small due to which it would become difficult to house the kid once it grows up.
  • Batteries needed for vibration:
The vibration does not run without batteries. Customers complained about this since changing batteries is quite a tough process as well as it involve cost.
  • User guide not that much helpful:
Customers said that the user guide is not helpful enough and that it could be improved.


Customer Reviews:

We asked lots of people who used the Graco simple sway swing Abbington as well as read lots of customer’s reviews and comment. Most of the people are more happy to use it and give lots of positives comments. But few of people have little bad experience and negative comment. Major of the customer is happy. We see that its rating is good, 4.2 out of 5 and 57% customer give five stars in Amazon.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. Is this can be fold it?

Answer: The Simple Sway swings are not designed to be folded.

Q. Does this swing come with the ac adapter?

Answer: Yes, this baby swing comes with the ac adapter

Q. Need more space for this swing?

Answer: No need for it.


To sum up, Graco Simple Sway Swing would be a perfect cost-effective choice for your baby in terms of durability, comfort and safety. It would provide guaranteed quality, peace of mind and assured performance. So, you can go for this swing without the fear of regretting your decision later on.


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