How to Properly Use a Baby Swing?

Baby swings are something parents or caretakers will love to buy for their baby. Whether it is ensuring that your baby has enough fun or just making your child fall asleep at night, a baby swing can do wonders.

If you want to soothe a fussy baby or try to get the cranky baby to take a nap, a baby swing is your best bet. With a baby swing, all that needs to be done is that the child needs to be tucked in well. Then the swing needs to be turned on. Within minutes, the baby calms down.

The reason this has a soothing effect is that the baby feels that it is being rocked in the womb and can be put to sleep easily. Some helpful tips when using baby swings are the following.

How to use a baby swing?

  • Baby Swings are to be used only in the daytime. In the night, the baby should be made to sleep on a flat surface.
  • There should be some naps per day which are in the stationary crib else it will be difficult weaning the baby from a baby swing.
  • Swing naps should be in a reclining position. If the child is slumping forward there are chances of there being restrictions on breathing
  • Baby swings are used to help babies sleep and the music that accompanies the swing is not something that one should worry about. Nor should one focus on all the bells and whistles baby swings come with light lights and other things which will make the baby more active.
  • If one has a small apartment, rather than a full-size baby swing, one can opt for a travel baby swing instead.
  • Baby swings should not have timers on swinging else the baby will get up periodically.
  • One should opt for models which allow the user to plug it into an electrical socket. This is a cheaper and more efficient solution than buying and replacing batteries ever so often, as most do not work with rechargeable batteries and 4 D-Cell batteries are to be replaced every 7-10 days.
  • It is a good idea to ensure that your baby is properly put into the swing to make sure that they do not fall off it.
  • Being hands-free you can put your baby on the baby swing and then continue with your work without having to worry about your kid. However, ensure that the child is properly inside the baby swing before you decide to head out and complete your daily chores.
  • Finally, when you first buy in the baby swing, give your kid some time to get adjusted to it. Your baby might love it at first or even hate it. Let your child know just what the baby swing could do to make it fall in love with it.


Baby swings are one of the easiest ways to keep your babies engaged. However, just ensure that you follow simple precautions and you can keep your baby absolutely safe.

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