What things to look for in a baby swings

The baby is on the way, and probably you’ve already planned everything. From its diaper to its stroller, every little detail has been dealt with. Now the only thing remaining is the baby swings. To be honest, it isn’t that significant, but for the first-time parents, it can really come handy.

But like all other stuff, the market is flooded with varieties of baby swings. And you can’t just make an impulse buy as it is for your little angel. So, what kind of baby swing should you buy is the question you should be asking yourself.

And to your question, I have the answer right here.

Things to look in a baby swings:

  • Structure: Safety of your child is the most important thing. Therefore, look for a swing, that has a stable structure. The best kind of baby swing uses a metal frame, as they are known to be sturdy.
  • Weight capacity: Knowing the weight capacity of the swing is equally important. You won’t want to put your baby in the swing without knowing whether it will hold or not. So, it is crucial to find the weight limit of the swing.
  • Safety harness: Babies tend to move a lot. They just can’t stay still. So, it is always a risk that your child might slip out of the swing. This is why you need to have safety harnesses. In the market, you will find swings with 3 to 5 point harnesses. These things will prevent the little ones from falling out.
  • Portability: Some parents use the swing occasionally, as the baby likes to sleep with them. In that case, the folding feature on a swing is something you should consider. It not only just safe space but also perfect for travels.
  • Swing Size: The swing size can’t be ignored too. Some of the swings are quite big and take a lot of space. If you can’t afford that, look for a compact design.
  • Operational Mode: The operational mode of the baby swing is something that might puzzle many of you. As there are options, you can get either a battery powered swing or the other option is to plug the swing into an outlet. If you are going to use the swing a lot, then go with the second option.
  • Recline Positions: Babies have a fragile neck that they have no control of. Therefore, a swing with reclining positions comes quite handy. As while resting you can put it at the reclining angle. And put it in the upright position to support the baby while it is time to play.
  • Motion: Most swings either have the side to side motion or the front to back motion. Usually, in our arms, while holding the baby, we do the back and forth motion. So, probably swings with this motion could be something that your baby might enjoy. However, that is a 50/50 chance you have to take.
  • Speed: Besides, the motions, the swings also have other features. Like in some swings you can adjust the movement speed. So, you can control the speed to your little one’s liking.
  • Timer setting: While some swings have something call the timer setting. It is like an oven. When the time is up, the swinging stops automatically.
  • Entertainment: Aside from all that, some also have other extra features to entertain the babies. Like built in toys and music systems.
  • Easy cleaning: Baby’s will make a mess that is for sure. So, find a swing that is easy to clean. Also, make sure the materials of the swing are washable.


It seems like an impossible task to be honest. You just need to do some research and test run on the baby swings, and hopefully, you might be able to do the impossible.


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