What Pregnancy foods must be taken and avoided during pregnancy?

Pregnancy period is a very important period in a spouse life or a woman’s life. It is the most significant period in their/her life through every husband and wife wants to be parents of a child. And by pregnancy, their dream comes true. For this, a woman is to maintain some rules. In this regard, you are to be alert to take pregnancy foods and women have knowledge of taking it that can fill up the deficit of nutrition in the body.

Ideal pregnancy Foods for a pregnant:

There are so many foods in our environment. But all are not suitable for a pregnant. She has to follow a few rules like these:

1. vegetables:

Now a day vegetable has become the fashionable food for all people moreover, vegetables are most suitable because of its natural virtue. Vegetables are considered as natural pregnancy foods. Only vegetables are mostly accepted by all ages especially to the pregnant.

2. Green Foods:

Green foods are essential to the pregnant. All of the nutritionists suggest that green foods are the heart of all foods due to its food value. To a pregnant, it is more essential.

3. Foods enriched nutrition:

Nutritious foods are ahead of a pregnant woman, therefore, without nutrition, both pregnant and baby suffer the shortage of vitamin. Except this they also become healthy. Pregnancy foods should choice enriched nutrition value.

4. Standard quality of food:

Maintaining the standard of foods every pregnant should become aware as extra food makes a pregnant unhealthy and unfit.

5. Eggs:

Eggs are the common food on our food menu as it gives energy to the people. It is enriched all kind of food qualities. So, to a pregnant, it is more necessary.

6. Salmon:

Salmon contains a good quality of proteins. To a pregnant little amount of protein is a must as it keeps her strong and fit. Make your pregnancy foods delicious mixing a tolerable quantity of salmon.

7. Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene that supplies vitamin in our body. Vitamins are essential for growth and to be strong. Pregnant’s need to grow vitamin A by 10-40%.

8. A little bit meat:

Every woman needs a standard quantity of meat every day. But extra meat causes the harmful effect in one’s life. And that is much harmful to the pregnant. So what kind of meat is needed for a pregnant is suggested by the nutritionist. That is helpful for a pregnant.

9. Some pieces of berries:

Berries contain water, vitamin C, fiber and plant compounds. Vitamin C is an attractive pregnancy foods item in a pregnant life in addition to it is necessary to cure skin health and immune function.

10. All kinds of grains:

Different kind of food demand can fill up grains. Actually, grains are the most powerful and ideal food in a man’s life. So, everyone should have taken the right amount of grains every day.

11. Avocados:

This kind of food is enriched plenty of unsaturated fatty acids. It enriches with different kinds of vitamins, potassium, copper etc. those are important for a pregnant. It builds healthy skin, brain, and tissues.

12. dry Fruits:

Fruits are actual natural power. For a pregnant dry fruit can give her strength and help her to take breath easily. About all kinds of vitamins and necessary ingredients are found in dry fruits.

13. Mineral Water:

Water is important in a man’s life. We can not think of it. To a pregnant, it is more useful. Mineral water can fill up the demand for natural ingredients moreover, water helps to keep our body temperature right.

14. Milk:

One of the six ideal foods milk is one of them. It contains vast usefulness moreover, can supply us vitamins, water, proteins and so on. Milk makes the pregnancy foods high class, with its nutrition value. It supplies a moderate environment in a pregnant mind.

Pregnancy food to avoid during pregnancy:

A pregnant can’t eat all kinds of foods. For keeping her body fit and giving a healthy child, she has to maintain some rules. However, some foods are not considered as pregnancy foods given below.

1. Junk Food:

Junk food has a pungent taste and it is very tasty to all people. But it is must avoid to a pregnant in addition to it can damage the digestion power. So’ it always bears in mind that what kind of junk food is tolerable. Though junk foods are palatable it is not better as the pregnancy foods.

2. Alcohol:

Some kinds of alcohols are intoxicated and increase addiction. This is very harmful to a pregnant however, we suggest to all, every pregnant should abstain from taking alcohol.

3. Raw meat:

Sometimes bacteria infect raw meats. Bacteria can be a burden to a pregnant. Bacteria’s like toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and Coli may be infected raw meat, therefore, such kind of pregnancy food to avoid from the menu.

4. Foods without industrial pollution:

Pregnancy foods must be free of industrial pollution. In the modern age, different kinds of foods are producing using industrial materials. It is much harmful moreover, it can also make a woman sterile.

5. Raw eggs:

Various types of bacteria’s such as salmonella and Coli etc. prevail in raw egg. These become difficult factors to complete different activities like Hollandaise, Caesar dressing, mayo and so on.

6. Extra cheeses:

Some unpasteurized cheeses like panela, blue cheese, fresco, queso banco, gorgonzola, feta, and camembert are avoided therefore, some hard cheeses those are free of bacteria can consume.

7. Caffeine:

Taking extra caffeine can make you imbalanced when you are walking. Not more than 200mg should not be taken doges of pregnant. Tea, chocolate and many kinds of energy drinks also mix with a little amount of caffeine. Avoiding this is always preferable as it can minimize your baby’s weight. Caffeine is also responsible for premature birth. Pregnancy foods are better free of mixing extra caffeine.

8. Vegetables and fruits except washing:

Unwashed vegetables and fruits bare Toxoplasma parasite. During growing period vegetables and fruits can attack the soil contamination by toxoplasmosis. When someone eats them, her baby’s natural development can interrupt.

9. Allergic food:

Every pregnant should be careful about her allergic problem. Foods like some special kind of vegetables, eggs, peanuts, wheat, fish, shellfish and so on can eat if you are not allergic. Some respected evidence shows that these allergic foods may decrease the natural development of the baby’s moreover, asthma is also another harmful result of it.

10. Excess Sugar:

Desserts, candies, cakes, ice-cream, biscuits with cream, chocolates, sweetened beverages are highly enriched in sugar. Taking extra sugar cause high risk both before and after born of the child. The pregnant can feel discomfort (vomiting, heartburn, nausea, constipation and so on) for taking excess sugar. Also, to the diabetic problem may harm the health.

11. Street foods:

Quietly stop from street foods. Street foods mix with different kinds of sweet, sour, spice etc. which are unhygienic and harmful. These foods have no good food value. Sometimes, candy, hot dogs, churros, meat etc. are mixed. For taking excess amount of these foods both pregnant and baby can suffer a dangerous moment. So, keep away from street foods to make your pregnancy foods menu.

Conclusion:  The dream of giving birth a child is a very deep sweet dream to a woman. Sometimes the dream can’t be disrupted for the miss-guidance. As pregnancy foods are high potential factors women have to be conscious of eating these, however, every woman should follow the rules of a sound health and sound pregnancy, in addition, to fill up her sweet dream and lead a pure life.

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