14 Pregnancy Symptoms shown during pregnancy

Some pregnancy symptoms are most common for a woman. To understand clearly some general features are given below.

Common signs of pregnancy symptoms:

  • Tiredness :
Feeling tiredness is the most common sign of pregnancy symptoms in a woman’s life. This is one of the important sign of pregnancy. Because of it, the hormone progesterone soars. Sometimes, it makes her sleepy. Your energy during pregnancy saps in lieu of lower blood sugar level, lower blood pressure.
  • Cramping or slight bleeding :
At the first time, spotting or vaginal bleeding also may be notified. Cramping calls implantation bleeding. It is nothing but a pregnancy symptom. This causes when the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus about 10-14 days after fertilization. It doesn’t last long. Many women feel abdominal cramping early like menstrual cramping.
  • Vomiting :
Vomiting is a very simple sign of pregnancy symptoms. Extra foods don’t match with her body. Various types of odor such as perfume or cigarette smoke make them uneasy.
  • Tender and swollen breast :
Breast of pregnant women become changed. It is shown just after 1-2 weeks after pregnancy. It is regarded as another pregnancy symptom.
  • Food aversions :
Pregnancy makes a woman advertised from food. They start to avoid eating extra food as usual. It causes hormonal change. Certain foods match with them.
  • Headaches:

Sometimes blood circulates from pregnant body. Other parts of the body start to change. Such kind of pregnancy symptoms may be seen during pregnancy.  As a result, pregnant feel uneasy and also feel a headache.
  • Mood swings :
It is one of the most common signs of pregnancy. During early pregnancy, the flood of hormones can make unusual emotional and weepy. It happens in the first trimester.
  • Dizziness :
Because of falling blood pressure and blood vessels dilate you may feel dizzy or lightheaded. Dizziness comes here as pregnancy symptoms.
  • High basal temperature :
After showing the signs of pregnant your basal body temperature will be elevated. It also proves that you are going to be a pregnant. This temperature in the very early morning when you first wake up.
  • Constipation :
It is an abdominal problem. The pregnant feel pain, discomfort, difficult and infrequent bowel movements and the passage of hard stools. It causes due to hormonal changes, due to diet, iron supplements etc.
  • Food cravings and food aversions :
It’s not an important issue. It is more necessary you feel lack of vital nutrients especially much important. Extra pickles to oranges can be craved.
  • Morning sickness :
When a woman becomes pregnant she feels sick in morning. Morning sickness becomes just after getting up from the bed. It is a misleading term. It causes in a woman’s life that she never feels like that before.
  • Gaining weight :
Women’s size become fatter than before. The extra weight of the newcomer makes its mother weight. Hormonal changes are also responsible for this. Weight increases until she has given birth the child from trimester to trimester.
  • Heartburn :
During pregnancy heartburn is a common fact in a woman’s life. Eating different kinds of acid reflux causes it. It creates a burning pain in the lower part of the breast. So, it is also another symptom of pregnancy.



Different kinds of symptoms can be seen in a woman’s life during pregnancy. It varies from woman to woman. Some are common and some are uncommon. But everyone should beware of the symptoms of pregnancy. Or pregnancy time counting can be a delay.

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